Similarities Between Fahrenheit 451 And The Giver

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“Once upon a time…” a global utter that entertainment is soon to invelop you. A great story usually gets read around the globe because it obtains universal attributes. Most great stories contain characteristics such as a great hook, originality, clear focus, appealing to the audience, etc. A list of universal attributes to great stories could go on forever, and in contrast a list of aspects that make bad stories could go on forever. So what makes a great story? A good story is comprised of function.
Function is made up of several different facets. These facets include a good plot, interesting character development and content that appeals to one’s feelings. An exciting plot contains an interesting setting, rising and falling actions and sometimes even a conflict. Proper character development includes strong personality descriptors and also allows the audience to empathize with the character's various thoughts and situations. Although interest can vary from person to person within an audience due to personal experience and personality; a good story can touch all age groups and appeal to human nature. In essence, function makes a masterpiece.
One example of a masterpiece of work that includes both universal characteristics and great function is The Giver, by Lois Lowry. In contrast, a less than great work would be Farenheit 451. Both …show more content…

While both of the books have an interesting plot, Fahrenheit 451 lacks the effect of empathy on human nature. However, The Giver appeals to feelings because the main character has to save his baby brother from being euthanized. In addition, The Giver is considered a masterpiece due to its stellar character development, which the character changes from being a major rule follower to breaking all the rules of the community, but he does all this for the greater good. On the other hand, Fahrenheit 451 does a poor job of developing the main character due to an anti-climatic

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