Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And California Shyimama

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In the two novels they have similarities, as well as differences.They both were enslaved when they were a small child and they both have family and love ones that care for them. These are a central themes that are similar in both slave girl in california and the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass. However there are a lot of opposing themes such as between the two novels only one has a death of a family member and in one of the novels the main character had to suffer for mostly his whole life without ever being free.

With in both novels the main characters were enslaved at a young age. In the article of the slave girl in california Shyima was enslaved at the age of 8. In the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass he was enslaved at …show more content…

Between the two novels only one had a death. Shyima lost her family in another way. By how she moved to the united states with the Ibrams. While Mr.Douglass lost his mother the one he barely know. He was not allowed to got to the funeral nor the barrel. Mr.Douglass said that he had the same feeling of her death as a stranger's death.

Another difference is how long they were enslaved for. Shyima was enslaved from the age of 8 to about 17. While Mr.Douglass was enslaved until he was a grown man.Shyima was freed from the Ibrams when a neighbor thought that it was weird a little girl was sleeping in the garage and they called the police to tell them. While for Mr.douglass he was enslaved until he was a grown man to have to ability to escape. So as terrible it was for both of them to live that way Mr.Douglass had it way harder then Shymia.

To sum it all up they had their similarities and differences. They both had a hard life that none of us could even imagine living through. Both of them had to go through a very poor childhood, therefor they encountered similar things. They encountered the pain and suffering that came along with

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