Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And Elie Wiesel

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I decided to do a compare and contrast paper, by comparing Frederick Douglas to Elie Wiesel. Frederick, who was a former slave, and Elie Wiesel was a sent to Poland during the Holocaust, both became some of the best writers and speakers of all time. I chose to compare these two authors, because I thought it would be interesting to compare the two writers that come from different backgrounds, but both wrote biographies about two of the worst times in history, slavery. What is an A biography? It’s a “detailed description of a person's life", (Article 5) maybe like education, work, relationships, and death, Biographies is supposed to show real life experiences of these life events. And the holocaust and experienced similar and bazaar …show more content…

“His College friend encouraged him to write about his experiences in the camps” (Article 3). Elie Wiesel wrote many books about the Holocaust, but the books Night, Dawn, and Day, are complete biography's if his life. In these books Wiesel explains near death experiences, Books show and what a 24-hour day was like in concentration camps. There are many similarities between Frederik Douglas and Elie Wiesel, some of the most important that I found were Similarities between the books and Slavery and The Holocaust in general. Frederick Douglas and Elie Wiesel both were taken of their natural human rights, and gave complete detail on those troubles. Things like being taken from their families of their clothes, tools for self-defense, food, basically the priorities need to survive. Both witnessed beatings and deaths of friends and Family, as long with Both having near death experiences of their own. Both had a passion for writing at a young age. Both lost family in slavery, and in Concentration Camps. Both Frederick Douglas and Elie Wisel Survived and would go to sell Over Million Books, and change lives all over the

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