Similarities Between Hitler And Nazi Germany

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Germany was ruled by the Nazi party from 1939 until the end of world war 2 in 1945.Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the National Socialist Workers ' Party and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. Hitler had imposed many new laws and policies, which could be treated as beneficial or disadvantageous, depending the group you belonged to (men, women, children, farmers, ect.) Germany was still suffering economically from the Great Depression and emotionally from the Treaty of Versailles. Both of these significant events left Germany in a state of bankruptcy, which left to 6 million people in Germany unemployed. Hitler and the Nazi party used this to their advantage by appealing to the working class of people. They told the working class of people that they would be protected from communism and that there would be a restoration of law and order. Also promising more employment, which in January 1939 the unemployment in Germany went down to 302,000. They also appealed to the upper class by convincing them that the Nazi 's would reprise the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler also used the depression by taking advantage of the elitist government. Adolf Hitler used the depression by touring Germany and making promises to the broken communities. The promises that were carried out was that families that had a certain amount of children would receive awards, titles and their debts would have been cleared. Farmers debts were also cleared as the Nazis saw them as
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