Similarities Between Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

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African Americans have been refused the right to have a job for a long time. White business owners often never hired them causing them to be unable provide for their friends and families. Due to this problem, two men stepped up to defend their community, Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X. These two men are important in the black community, because they created jobs for African Americans as a whole.Giving black men and women the right to have jobs. They both gave a speech about the problem at hand in which they both gave a rather similar speech, but their ways of solving the problem were different. Next, the similarity in these speeches was they both fended off to create jobs for their communities. A quote from Martin Luther King, Jr mentions, "There is nothing quite so effective as a refusal to cooperate economically with the forces and institutions which perpetuate evil in our communities." This part of the speech mentions that he wants to create jobs for African Americans. A quote from Malcolm X's speech mentions, "We have to learn how to own and operate …show more content…

MLK wants to protest and boycott, while Malcolm wants to go head-on and compete with the other businesses through legitimate needs. During MLK's speech, he mentions, "Along with the march as a weapon for change in our nonviolent arsenal must be listed the boycott." It shows that Martin Luther King, Jr wants to force white businessmen to hire black men and women by not buying their goods. From Malcolm's eyes he states, "So that they won't have to constantly be involved in picketing and boycotting other people in other communities in order to get a job." Malcolm X does not want to sort things out between the two races with rash and quick-witted decisions. For example, He wants to allow black men to create their own place of work, a place where higher income will be provided with faster easy employment rather than picketing and

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