Similarities Between Slavery And Camp 14

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Slavery Vs Camp 14 Slavery in the antebellum South and imprisonment in Camp 14 in North Korea are in a way very similar as well as very different from each other. If you had to choose between being a slave during the 19th century, or being stuck in Camp 14 during modern time which one would you choose? Slavery in the 19th century as well as Camp 14 in North Korea today are similar and different. They are similar and different education and living conditions as well as punishment for rules that get broken. Education is a very important thing to have both in modern time as well as back in the 19th century. Education is also one of the similarities a Camp 14 prisoner shares with a slave in the 19th century. Education was or is being used in both events as a way to oppress and brainwash the people, which makes this a similarity. Knowledge was also very different at Camp 14 than being a slave. Education was used in Camp 14 by teaching the inmates the rules they are suppose to follow as well as what the consequences would be as a result to breaking them. Shin would be a great example, since …show more content…

On the other hand, antebellum was far more severe with punishment as well as Camp 14. At Camp 14 inmates were often punished with death, brutal beating, or even tortures, as a result to breaking the rules or plotting an escape plan. As Shin explains, his mother being publicly hung for an escape attempt. In the antebellum South however, slaves were brutally beaten, often times scared as a punishment for disobeying their masters. An example of these actions would be Alicia’s father being brutally beaten to the point where the whip was full of blood from the book “Kindred”. As a result showing both Camp 14 and the antebellum South where very harsh in the way people where

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