Similarities Between The Enlightenment And The Great Awakening

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Sephora Kodjo
Professor Gina Flowers
English 2131
February 11. 2015
The “Enlightenment” and the “Great Awakening”
During the late seventeenth and early eighteen centuries, colonial America saw their most important changes. American cities became the major provider to colonial America’s economy. In instance, population increased outrageously with colonizers coming in quantity and due to the development of farms.
The two major revivals that had lasting effects on the country happened during the economic boom. One was called the “Enlightenment” and the other one was the “Great awakening”. During the enlightenment period, most of the intellectuals believed in the power of human thoughts to understand the world as never before. While The Enlightenment focused on stimulating the role of religion, the Great …show more content…

Many early American believe in folk wisdom ad God intervened and continuously in human affairs. However, Europeans during the French revolution in 1789 used reasoning and logic to explain the world and advance society including social institutions, and human behavior. They wanted to reduce the role of religious establishment. There was four principles of the enlightenment which were order of the natural world, power of human reason, natural rights of individuals (life, property, and liberty) and progressive improvement of society. In addition, one of the most famous personalities were John Locke. He proposed human life could be changed through education, and purposeful action. On the other hand, while educated American turned to be deism (rejection of religious knowledge), other colonists turned to pietism (holy sentiment) which accentuated religious emotions and strived for union with God. In New England, for example, the puritan Jonatan Edwards restore Christianity for congregational

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