Similarities Between The Handmaid's Tale And 1984

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Romantic companionship provides people with comfort and distraction from their everyday lives. In Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and George Orwell's 1984 the protagonists Winston Smith and Offred search for romantic companionship to gain a sense of control and individuality in their dystopian societies. Through their search for love, trust, and a way to rebel against the government, they are able to achieve a level of control within their lives. By experiencing love and forming emotional connections with other members of society, Winston and Offred are able to gain a sense of individuality through the uniqueness of their relationships. Secondly by forming a sense of trust in their companions they gain control over something in their …show more content…

Together Winston and Julia separate themselves from societal norms by building a unique relationship that is rarely pursued in Oceania out of fear. The two gain individuality and alter their values as their love grows. When discussing punishments they may face for their actions Winston states “Only feelings matter. If they could make me stop loving you—that would be the real betrayal.”(Orwell, 173) showing how his morals have changed. Instead of valuing his own survival and ability to continue living his simple everyday life he begins to value his love for Julia above all other things. He is willing to face any punishment—including death—as long as he can continue loving Julia until they are caught. The distraction their love causes for them provides comfort in their everyday lives. They go about their day to day activities and jobs knowing they have someone who loves them and whom they can confide in. Despite continuing to face hardships, challenges become more bearable due to the knowledge that while Julia and Winston may face some things alone they are still able to see each other throughout it all. Their relationship provides them both with comfort and a feeling of security. After months of relations with Julia, Winston's mental and physical well being improved. Previously anxiety ridden and generally distraught, Winston becomes confident, carefree, and happy. Winston gains comfort, individuality, and a positive attitude, after finding

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