What Are The Similarities Between 1984 And The Handmaid's Tale

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23 January 2023 The Fight For Pleasures In 1984 by George Orwell and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margret Atwood, there are totalitarian societies that control many aspects of the society itself. One of the most prevalent components that the citizens in these societies have controlled is their pleasures. This could include many everyday items such as coffee and razors or even relationships with each other. The government's restrictions are unable to give the ruling party complete control over society because people fight for pleasures big or small. Everyday items that we can find in a grocery store, are limited in the society of 1984. The most wanted item by the main character, Winston, is a razor. Razors are mainly sold in shops as part of …show more content…

Since these novels present totalitarian societies, that is not wanted by the government. In 1984, the government keeps relationships from forming by embedding people called the “Thought Police,” into the population. They keep society's beliefs in order. This keeps everyone including Winston on their toes. Winston’s neighbor, Tom Parsons, has two young children. These children are strong supporters of “Big Brother,” the face of their society. During the time that Winston is in jail, Mr. Parsons is turned in as well. Not from a comrade, but from his daughter. When Mr. Parsons slept one night, he was talking in his sleep. He stated, “Down with Big Brother”(Orwell 233). He was shocked that those words had come out of his mouth. While he is frightened by this new environment, he explains to Winston, “I don’t bear her any grudge for it. In fact I’m proud of her. It shows I brought her up in the right spirit, anyway”(Orwell 233). This proves that the government has influenced people to enforce these beliefs as if they are a part of the “Thought Police.” In The Handmaid’s Tale, handmaids are not able to trust each other. They are terrorized into playing their role as a fertile woman who carries a baby for the barren wife of the commander. Any person who speaks out of place or plans to revolt could be taken away by the “Eyes.” The somber truth of the matter is individuals are unable to trust one another due to the risk of being betrayed. Not only does this stop social interaction but it also disrupts intimate relationships. In 1984, Winston and Julia fear their relationship may be discovered. Winston even has the concern early in their relationship, that Julia is working for the “Thought Police.” He mentions this to Julia and she is appalled by this thought. Winston then gives the reasoning, “But from your general appearance-merely because you’re young and fresh and

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