Similarities Between The United States And Western Europe

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Globalization is both the good and the bad, and it can nor will be sold separately. Globalization is an inevitable process that has been advertising and sold globally as the good, even though the good and the bad are the same. The good part of globalization is that it brings both corners of the world together to share a common interest and create a social connection. By which the bad part transforms the difference into similarities, however, an outside actor has made sure that their difference is the overarching similarity. Through Neoliberalism, the United States and Western Europe have taken over contemporary globalism to spread their ideals of free trade, democracy, and, culture. Just like Brexit and Cuban Unauthorized American entertainment service, it does not matter if a society is the main player or simply trying to get away from western ideal globalization’s good and bad are inevitable. …show more content…

This inevitable process has been a key benefit to bringing people together and share their idea, even if overarching authorities try to restrict people from being influenced by another culture. I remember watching this documentary about how some Cubans were able to distribute American entertainment through El Paquete, the Cuban version of Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, although illegal since media entertainment is control by the government. Globalization has also made people come together and demand change in the political sphere, such like the Arab Spring, the Black Movement, and Occupy Wall Street to name a few. This got me to think about how globalization is inevitable and uncontrollable since even when restrictions placed people will always find a way to move around it. Even though globalization is not something that I find socially constructed, it can still have discouraging consequences when used for personal

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