Comparing The Economic, Political, And Cultural Decisions Of The United States

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The United States of America is sometimes called the “great experiment.” This is because since the beginning of our history people have studied the countries revolutionary processes that produced the first successful modern Republic. One of these processes is the economic, political, and cultural decisions of the United States . Today we will explore how these economic, political, and cultural decisions have prevented or promoted the growth of personal freedom, individual responsibility, and equality for all U.S citizens.
The United States has made countless economic decisions. Some of these decisions have been good or bad. One of these decisions is the Articles of the confederation. The Articles of the confederation were drafted shortly …show more content…

This makes it one of the processes used to create the world's first successful modern republican nation. In the United States there are two main political parties. These are the Republican party and the Democratic party. The Republican party is mostly known for its conservative and pro-life beliefs. While on the other hand the democrats are known for their pro-choice and liberal beliefs. These political parties are fully responsible for creating the laws of our country. Many of these laws affect us negatively. Jim Crow laws are a great example of this. These laws excluded black folks from everyday life, these black folks weren't allowed to be in the same places a white people, and do some of the things that white people did. These laws stripped black folks of their freedom and sense of self identity. These laws also promoted equality for black folks and other people of color. Another thing Jim Crow laws did was to prevent the growth of personal freedom for black people. On the other hand the abolishment of Jim Crow Laws did the absolute opposite. The abolishment of these laws allowed for the growth of personal freedom since now slaves were treated equally. This also delivered a sense of equality to the people of color of America. And finally it delivered a sense of personal responsibility because now black people had similar. …show more content…

One moment you might be in a town in which a certain religion and culture are being used, and then the next you are in a place with a completely different religion and culture. This is what we call diversity. When creating laws the United States must take culture and personal belief that come with culture into consideration. If this is not done properly the growth of people’s personal freedom, equality, and personal responsibility are prevented. If the opposite is done these things are promoted. This is why it is important to take the populations of many cultures and religions before passing a law or

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