Argumentative Essay About Political Parties

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Political parties serve countless roles in America’s government. Foremost, it needs to be said they are crucial to America’s political system. The political parties are the heart and brain of our government's body, urging people to conceive and feel different ways on different topics whether the controversy is over how money is distributed or the way immigrants should be treated or dealt with. With each party having a biased view it shows how a group can be increasingly powerful with bountiful amounts of support, names and divisions can be heard. Democrats are widely known to be liberal rather than conservative. When it comes to the Republicans, they are known to be conservative. Political parties fuel the fire of our nation's citizen’s political views. …show more content…

Americans strive to fight for what is right. Americans who vote will vote for the candidate who shares the same political views as the voter. It is fascinating how unconsciously Americans, as voters, oftentimes forget to take the time to contemplate why the candidate that shares the same views as us is right. Political parties have led us as a nation through dark times, such as the Great Depression, they serve as a vital lifeline for our government. Without any political parties there would be not representation, voting would become exceedingly complicated than it should be, our government would change entirely. Although it would not become a lawless anarchy, it would become a dull, frail, lifeless government. Without the spark and fire of political parties, America would become lethargic and mundane. As previously stated; political parties are the heart and brain of America’s government. That means without political parties, America's government would become essentially lifeless. With that it can be said that political parties are essential and beneficial to America's government, people, and political

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