Similes In The Odyssey

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Provide significant details about the author (120-1): Homer
Style5 conventions (121) - Homer used invocation, this is when someone, most likely the hero, asks for help, in medias res, this is when there is something in the middle of a story without any preamble, epic similes, this is a very detailed simile and it can be multiple lines long, metrical similes, this is the rhythm of the poem, and stock epithets, this is a descriptive phrase.
Philosophies (Women)- Homer portrays women as strong characters. (→ paraphrased)

Criticism- There are some who have said that Homer never even lived. Milman Parry believes that Homer improvised his stories for Greek festivals. (eNotes→ paraphrased) Literary EraAge (103-113):__The Epic

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