Animal Rights: An Analysis Of Animal Liberation By Peter Singer

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Analysis: Animal Liberation by Singer
Animal rights is a controversial topic that doesn’t seem to be taking any significant strides towards its goal. However that does not mean that there are not any individuals trying to stop mass animal abuse throughout the world. Peter Singer is one of those advocates for animal rights and his voice can be heard through his essay titled, “Animal Liberation.” Singer expresses how cruelly animals are treated for the purpose of humans and expresses a number of eye opening comparisons.
Animals can not fight for their rights like humans can. Singer had compared animal rights to the fight for civil rights and gender equality. The difference being that humans can express to other humans of their grievances, but animals can not be understood by humans to voice their pleas for help. This is why animals require human advocates to coney what …show more content…

If all animals that we kill for food are put in only the most ideal environments and only killed during the end of their lifespan, the prices for such food would skyrocket. “Meat would become the prerogative of the rich.” (Singer 215) The scenario that everyone becomes vegetarians or vegans is also not plausible. To meet the ever growing meat demands of the world, factory farming had to become a normal part of society even if it meant stuffing animals full of different types of hormones to satisfy everyone. Everyone becoming vegetarians or vegans would result in the same treatment for those plants as the animals; bigger hormone filled vegetables and fruits doesn’t sound too healthy as an alternative. Human health and animal health always seem to be on the opposite sides of the moral spectrum. Advocates for animal rights are at times antagonized by advocates of human rights for being insensitive to human needs like, meat and medical practices and vice

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