Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Chivalry Essay

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Chivalry Back in the medieval period, Chivalry was a set of rules that were to be followed by the Knights. The Chivalric Code was made up of many different ideas such as: honesty, forbearance, courtliness, humility, loyalty, sovereignty, and respect for women. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Le Morte d’Arthur, and King Arthur they follow these rules, which has some advantages and disadvantages. In which version do the characters best display chivalry? Which version’s characters are the most admirable and why? These are a couple of the questions I will be answering throughout this essay. A lot of medieval romance is shown in these two poems and the movie, the larger-than-life characters and the elements of super natural beings show it. In Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, the Green Knight, being the larger-than-life figure, and the element of super natural in his surviving the blow, shows it. This poem is also composed of many Chivalrous acts including love, lust, loyalty, trust, and courage. The most important though was the chivalry love between Sir Gawain, the knight, and Lady of the Castle, also the chivalry between Sir Gawain and the Lord. Each day Gawain and the lord gave each other the things that they had collected throughout the day. Gawain lets the women come into his room but he doesn’t want anything for her but she insists on giving …show more content…

In this poem chivalry is shown by bravery, loyalty, and love. Bravery was the moral and mental strength they showed when they were in danger, fear, or in difficult situations. When Sir Mordred and King Arthur fought, Arthur was told that he wouldn’t win. You would assume that Arthur feared the fight against Mordred. The difficulty show was when Arthur went against someone who was a lot more advanced in fighting. Loyalty can go hand-in-hand with bravery. Loyalty was being faithful to a situation, which was shown a lot through Sir

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