Slavery In Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

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In Sharon Draper novel ,Copper Sun, she explains the struggle of slavery through a slave's point of view. Amari ,the main character, is captured from Ziavi, forced to become a slave, and then later escapes. Amiari is captured by “Men with skin like sheep” and sold into slavery where she meets Pollie who is a indictured girl that later became friends with Amari. Amari and Polly decides to escapes after a horrible event takes place. In Draper’s historical fiction novel Amari will learn the hardships of being a slave. In Copper Sun there are many important character that gives the novel a great story. Amari is a African girl captured, and sold to Mr. Derby owner of Derbyshire farms, and a slave owner. Mr. Derby son ,Clay, is a young boy that get Amari for his birthday and renames her Myna. Mrs. Derby , Clay’s step mother who he do not like, married Mr. Derby even though she is in love with another slave on the plant. Polly is a indentured girl that has to pay have Mr. Derby for her dead parent, that Mr. Derby puts in charge to teach Amari their ways. Polly did not like Amari at first…show more content…
Amari is mad because she is taken from hometown. Polly is angered by given the task of teaching Amari, she did not like people with dark skin. The novel goes on as Polly and Amari grower closer together. The two grows closer by events on the plantation like being whip for dropping drinks, and hiding the mixed baby from master Derby. Teenie told them to escape to the north, but Amari was going to go to the south to Fort Moses. Polly did not believe that Fort Moses was not real, however Amari did. Polly and Amari had to hunt, gather plants, and stay hidden from the public while on the journey to freedom. The title, Copper Sun, symbolizes hope, and life. Copper is how your life is, you can change your life or leave it like it is. The Sun is your life you chooses to live. Copper Sun has a major theme, and symbolize something
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