Sleep Master Ultima Research Paper

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You 'll spend a significant portion of your life sleeping. So finding a mattress that 's comfortable, high quality, and long lasting is extremely important. An ideal mattress is both highly comfortable, but it still firm enough to provide adequate support. The Sleep Master Ultima 8 Inch memory foam mattress greatly exceeds these criteria, while still being far more affordable than most high-end mattresses. A high-quality mattress with multiple layers, the Sleep Master Ultima does away with traditional springs and opts for a complete foam design. Which conforms to your body, and provides an exceptional amount of comfort as well as relieving pressure. This review will look into the biggest pros and cons of the mattress, as well as consumer …show more content…

Safety: The mattress utilizes special bio-foam with a heavily reduced content of petroleum. As well as an all natural ActivCharcoal system for odor reduction and moisture absorption.
Weight Limit: The 8-inch mattress has a weight limit of 300 lbs. Which is enough for many people. Although some may need to opt for a model with more support

Pros And Cons

The Pros

The three-layer design of the mattress provides the user with a high degree of comfort. While still giving them adequate support and firmness.
The manufacturer offers a ten-year limited warranty, which will allow you to easily replace the mattress if it is damaged during the warranty period.
The mattress is infused with green tea extract and is composed of revolutionary bio-foam. Bio-foam has a far lower petroleum content than traditional mattress materials.
The cutting-edge mattress compression methods used during product packaging make it easy to move the mattress through doorways before unpacking. Making it extremely simple to get the mattress into any room.

The Cons

Due to the layered design of the mattress, it isn 't able to be used on both sides. Flipping the mattress will result in the uncomfortable support foam being on top. This can be problematic if the mattress becomes

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