Sleeve Gastrectomy Research Paper

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Let 's face it, while losing weight is good for your health, isn’t one of the real reasons we want to lose weight to change our appearance? Appeal to our vanity? We just want to look good.

We may dislike certain features in our appearance we have no control about. Our nose is too big or too little nose, it’s too pointed or too flat. Our ears stick out too much, we have one chin more than we’d like or more wrinkles than we should have for our age. I’ve got more than one spare tyre around my middle.

But, what ever our self image, losing weight is one thing we can do (assuming we’re overweight), that is totally in our control and doesn’t require visits to clinics or vast sums of money to change. If it was so easy.

It’s a huge struggle to keep to a diet, to visit the gym, or keep to a regular exercise regime. There
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An other option is sleeve Gastrectomy. This operation might make decide dieting and exercise is more agreeable. With a Gastrectomy, your surgeon remove around 75% of your stomach. Ouch. What’s left of your stomachi is a narrow tube or sleeve. This is connected to your intestine. Today sleeve gastrectomy is the fastest-growing weight loss surgery option in North America and Asia.

Heavily advertised in some newspapers is Lipsuction. It sounds the least invasive of weight loss surgeries and removes unwanted fat. In some respects it’s as ??? as the surgeries above and is sometime known as liposculpture. More a form of cosmetic surgery to make you ‘look good’ by get rid of fat rather than forcing you to reduce the amount of food you consume.

The great thing about liposuction is you chose the part of the body you want to change. Arms too fat – answer liposuction. Legs too fat – answer liposuction. One chin too many – liposuction and finally too many tyres around your middle choose lipsuction. Watch this 9minute video to see what you might have to go through to sculpture your body so look for opportunities to catch your reflection in the

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