Obesity In The Black Community Essay

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Obesity in THE BLACK COMMUNITY: A Serious Epidemic

Obesity is a serious problem, affecting an estimated 300 million people worldwide. Its prevalence is increasing in developing countries throughout the world. More than one-third of adults were obese in 2011–2012.(1) Among non-hispanic black adults, however, 56.6% of women were obese compared with 37.1% of men. (1) The health risks associated with obesity make reducing the high prevalence of obesity a health priority. Publications have shown racial and ethnic disparities in prevalence of obesity and few changes in the prevalence of obesity with adults since 2003–2004.(1)

A prevalence of obesity among black adults from 2011-2013. Courtesy of Vox.

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The contribution of each of these factors has been studied, and although genes play an important role in the regulation of body weight, the World Health Organization Consultation on Obesity concluded that behavioral and environmental factors ( sedentary lifestyles with a mixture of too much energy intake) are primarily responsible for the dramatic increase in obesity during the past two decades. …show more content…

A risk factor for many other diseases, obesity can affect health and longevity. Weight loss is achievable, and it provides plenty of health benefits. Studies have shown that many people who attempt weight loss regain the weight they lost. The major challenge in managing patients is, therefore, to improve their ability to sustain whatever weight loss can be accomplished. Diet, exercise, and behavioral management are the main sources of treatment, But medication and surgery can be considered in certain individuals. In the future, treatment of obesity could supplant the treatment of the many diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, that take up a part of office practice

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