Smoke Signals Film Analysis

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The movie Smoke Signals, written by Sherman Alexie and Directed by Chris Eyre. Is a great movie about two characters who are very different. They both lose their fathers, live different lives on a reservation, and a very different outlook on life and emotions.
One of the main parts of this movie is that both Thomas and Victor lose their father in some way. Victor's father leaves the reservation and moves to Arizona. While Thomas's father dies in the accidental house fire during a house party. Thomas, because his father died when he was very young, treats it as if Victor's dad is his own. Thomas also tells all of these amazing stories about Victor's dad and the good things that they have done. Victor really isn't very happy after his dad left, he seems him as if he is the bad guy. Like his dad left, because he didn't want to be around them anymore and didn't care about them at all. Which isn't the case, Victor's dad really does love him and his family he just felt like he needed to get away and didn't have the heart to come back. Later in the movie his dad dies, Victor and Thomas went to …show more content…

Thomas is more of a nerdy story teller. He really like to talk, it's like he doesn’t have a filter, which causes him some trouble in some cases. Thomas has a lot of stories to tell and each one of them is very interesting. Victor on the other hand is a tough, warrior like guy. He, in some cases, kind of bullies Thomas. Making jokes at him, but in more of a friendly way. He is also very good at basketball. His dad tells a story about how they played some men in basketball and they were tied and Victory scored the last basket and won them the game. Together they make an amazing match. Victory changes from this warrior type to more of a kind of sensitive, kind of not after he gets back to town and fixes the issues he had with his dad, cleansing himself with the throwing of his fathers ashes into Spokane

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