The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 By Cristopher Paul Curtis

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My brother and I do not have many things in common. Kenny and Byron from The Watsons go to Birmingham, 1963 by Cristopher Paul Curtis do not have much in common either. They act like they have nothing in common even though they have some things in common. Although they do have many difference’s they do have things in common. Byron and Kenny have more in common than they realize. Byron and Kenny are both caring. Kenny is caring because he gave Joey a kiss every morning. Byron is also caring because he helps Kenny with his bully. Another thing they have in common is they are both mischievous. One way Byron is mischievous is he uses the sign for food to get tons of snacks. One way Kenny is mischievous is he puts all of his dinosaurs outside even though his mom tells him not to. The last thing they have in common they both make mistakes. Like when Byron gets a conk and his parents shave his head or when Kenny laughs at Rufus and he will not talk to Kenny anymore. They also have many differences too. …show more content…

One difference is Byron is tough while Kenny is weak. Byron is tough because he beats up Kenny’s bully. Kenny is weak because he has a bully to begin with. Another difference is Byron is popular and Kenny isn’t. Byron has lots of friends because he is funny. Kenny does not have many friends you can tell because the bus driver tells Rufus to sit next to Kenny because he does talk to anybody. The last difference between Byron and Kenny is that Kenny is school smart and Byron isn’t. Kenny is school smart because he reads to the 5th graders while on the other hand Byron is still in the 5th grade while he is 13. But over time their personalities have really

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