Snow Falling On Cedars Essay

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Racism is one of the many problems that are affecting members of minority groups in the United States. The issue emerged during the slave trade as individuals from Africa and other parts of the world were held captive and sold to work in large plantations in the West. Over the years, many scholars have studied the topic of race and how it affects the lives of impoverished who live in America. One of them is Pamela Rotner Sakamoto who wrote the book, Midnight in Broad Daylight: A Japanese American Family Caught between Two Worlds to reveal the experiences of a Japanese-American family during the Second World War. The author shows the hardships that the individuals encounter as they strive to fit into two contrasting worlds. Due to the need to comprehend the role of race and racism in the suffering of foreigners in the United States, it is imperative to examine the struggles of the Fukuhara family while making …show more content…

The attitudes of characters, emotions, and events that are presented in the movie are linked to the racial tension that is generated by war hysteria. The prejudice held a higher position among the residents of San Piedro Island and America at large. For instance, as the investigation of the murder of Carl Heine Junior progresses, it becomes clear that the authorities targeted mainly Japanese suspects (Guterson, 1999). Likewise, racial barriers were manifested in the court regardless of it being considered a place of justice. Nels Gudmundsson held that the jury should not base its verdict on the appearance of Kabuo Miyamoto or his place of origin. He urged that the court should sentence him the same as other Americans (Guterson, 1999). It was apparent that racism had taken charge of all institutions. People started to make decisions and choices with the consideration of

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