Social And Political Issues Affecting The Performance Of Change Healthcare Organizations

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Change Healthcare along with the mergers with McKesson and Altegra Healthcare has made this organization one of the largest healthcare technology companies in the United States. Providing modern day technology software for solutions to all aspects for billing and coding which does include outside sources such as the Federal Government and private pay companies. This giant healthcare organization also serves to provide technology for services within the medical, dental, pharmacy and laboratory healthcare organizations. In this paper, there will a discussion on the cost management, revenue performance, marketing, and how social and political issues affects the performance for Change Healthcare Organization. The mission for Change Healthcare …show more content…

This software will enhance patients visit and access, improve workflow, and will manage revenue and financial improvements. Change Healthcare has the technologies and provides services to improve revenue by minimizing denials, claim management, improve collections, accurate medical coding, and with the management of daily revenue cycles to provide a more effective organization. This organization will reduce the amounts of write-off claims and thus will increase the amount of revenue to the organization. This organization can connect providers electronically to more commercial and government organizations than any other healthcare organization. This is making Change Healthcare the number one organization for revenue reimbursement.
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Some non-acute community services can include home health agencies, hospice agencies, long-term care facilities and even for behavior health clinics. Change Healthcare has the value to provide technology to improve care before, after and even in-between care. This will certainly provide quality and value which can be seen clearly. Marketing for Change Healthcare will increase reimbursement and revenue for these vital organization within the ecosystem of

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