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Analyzing AMG Specialty Hosptial I work for Acadenia Management Group (AMG) specialty hospital as a registered nurse (RN). I have been working for the hospital since April, 2014. The mission statement of the hospital is, “To put patient care first at all times, while remaining committed to quality, flexible to change, and supportive of the medical communities we serve” (AMG Specialty Hospital). The purpose of the hospital is, “To operate cost effective post-acute facilities with excellent patient care” (AMG Specialty Hospital). The purpose of this paper is to discover if the mission statement of the hospital is met by analyzing organizational structure, administrative leadership, and nursing care delivery model. Organizational Structure …show more content…

AMG specialty hospital is second level of consolidation system. The second level involves large voluntary affiliated systems, which provide members with access to capital, political power, management expertise, joint venture opportunities, and links to health insurance services (Brooks, 2003, p. 95). AMG is a corporation, and owns multiple hospitals in multiple states. All hospitals owned by AMG are LTACH. AMG is also a network system, because the hospital have contract with a physician group, and physicians are not directly hired by the corporation, which also makes AMG virtually integrated system (Brooks, 2003). The patients that are admitted to the hospital are recommended by a group of physicians. After the patient are recommended by the physician the case managers assess the patient’s acuity, and finally the patients are admitted to the …show more content…

The pro of the hospital being a consolidated system is that each hospital in each states are only limited to 28 bed capacity, but the care being provided is acute care for an extended period of time. Having only so many patients means receiving more one on one care, and also the administrations are highly engaged with the recovery of the patients. The con of consolidated system is that there are too many hierarchies, making individuals working on the floor almost invisible, and blamed upon. I have noticed multiple times that anything that goes wrong with the patient, a nurse is the first one to be blamed, and no one bothers to discover why it happened. The pro of the network system is that the hospital doesn’t have to pay the physicians. The physicians are reimbursed through Medicare, Medicaid, and personal insurances. The con of the network system is that the hospital sometimes doesn’t have enough patients to call five nurses; five is the maximum number of nurses the hospital floor calls for, which results in nurses not getting enough hours to work. This results in nurses either leaving the facility, or getting second nursing

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