Case Study: HMO Insurance

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Savannah- “The main quality of an HMO is that a patient must first see a primary care physician and be referred before they can see a specialist.” It is highly important to encourage/recommend people to visit a primary care provider before going to a specialist. It could potentially save a patient time and money. Of course not everyone have the fund to receive care from a doctor office. With the help of managed care and other medical service these requirements could eventually maintain the balance between the cost and quality of care. Yes, my dad always complains about having PPO insurance and how it cost so much. On the other hand we have Blue Cross Blue Shield I’m very thankful that students are covered under the parents insurance until age 26 because due to having HMO it very beneficial to healthcare availability. Do you think all companies should off the insurance according to the individual needs?
Dennis- very informative post, and well structured. We picked different discussion question but you give great insight and information that can be well understood. The national committee for quality assurance helps keep the …show more content…

The cost of medical service rise continuously even with managed care it’s still too expensive for individuals to purchase medications, and other medical services. I feel this system is a great way to start and keeping up with monitoring health cost. Making sure people visit the primary care provider first is a great notion, as we learned in previous discussions reason for high healthcare cost is the lack of using primary care location over the ER. Exactly I agree with this statement, “There are plans out there through managed care that provide value-for-money and good customer service but there are also some that don’t offer customers equal value for money”. Nice post Christy, keep up the good work. Do you think managed care can hinder the level of quality care being

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