Social Changes In The 1920s

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The 1920’s Rapid Reconstruction

Kolby Newman
Mr. Cooper
1920s Social Change Essay

People often wonder how the 1920s changed the way they did. But the real question is why the United States changed. For example, the 1920’s had some ups and downs, but for the most part it was ups due to the major development within the United States. The three big reasons the United States had a positive development trend are things like the Harlem Renaissance, transportation improvements or entertainment and advertisements. These three developments allowed the States to develop extremely fast and overall, had a positive impact on citizens and their lives.

To kick things off, the Harlem Renaissance really gave African Americans the chance to blossom for themselves. Moreover, it gave them the opportunity to express themselves and shine in their own way through their cultures. For instance, one of the main topics about the Harlem Renaissance was jazz. African Americans created the music genre “jazz” in …show more content…

To get things rolling, the radio provided benefits in many ways. These benefits include entertainment and the same media. Additionally, in paragraph 3 the article states that “Radio programming brought dramatic changes to ordinary people's lives. Live broadcasts instantly connected Americans with nationwide events, including orchestra performances, soloist concerts, sports events, and politicians’ speeches” (Radio/Movies). Now lets transition to the movie side of entertainment, people could escape reality and go watch a movie, or just to have fun really. To add on, in paragraph one of “Information on the Popularity of Radio and Movies,” the article spits out ”Movies became a new craze, as people escaped the postwar recession and then celebrated postwar prosperity with indulgence in entertainment”

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