Short Summary Of 1984 By George Orwell

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A description of our presence intro “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” - George Orwell. Manipulation, falsification, executions are some examples of events that occured in 1984, a book written by George Orwell. The book which was published in 1949 is a dystopian and a science fiction novel. It engages the reader in a story where Big Brother is watching everyone at all times. The protagonists however have no clue about their own previous history and the country 's history before Big Brother. Today our society is still divided into social classes. One have the privileged, average and deprived people. Some countries practice more restrictive control, and with today 's development of technology that is ever growing, it is possible for the authorities to control the population even more thorough and secret than ever before. Moreover one can connect these facts with the novel, asking oneself: What was Orwell’s purpose in exploring the themes of social class and political control in 1984 in relation to society today? …show more content…

They are rebellious outer Party members, hating Big Brother. Members of the inner Party are the supreme leaders of Oceania, the continent where the story take place. Winston falls in love with Julia, both of them despising the controlling society. Together they are being revolutionary, creating a strong bond fighting the monitored society. Big Brother is a totalitarian government that controls almost everything, it even regulates the way the citizens think, act and

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