Social Construction Of Gender Roles Essay

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The idea of Gender roles harm both men and women, but for this subject I will scrutinize, and elaborate how the effects of social pressure to enumerate men into a belief of how men ought to be. “The idea that to be an alpha male, you’ve got to take no prisoners, f*** s*** up each, and every day, take what’s yours, and never say sorry.” (Brett) He briefly explains a typical trait of an Alpha male, while vividly showing its extreme case of aggressiveness. This creates an image that is socially inapt and may lead to behavior problems. Thus, the idea of what it means to be a man, and how an alpha male wolf acts merges together to create a gender identity that boys must reach to become a man. “Children begin to settle into a gender identity between the age of eighteen months and two years.” (Devor) He explains how children engross themselves into the identity of gender within the realm of …show more content…

Children are taught from cartoon and tv shows of how boys are supposed to act. Enforcing the idea of an “Alpha Wolf” within children, and once gown up their preconceived notion of Men is skewed into an unrealistic and dangerous conformity deemed necessary to live by in our society. The study that was conducted by the wolfs in the zoo showed that male wolfs fight for their dominance over male wolf’s giving them the title of the alpha male. With a more recent study concluding that the original study was skewed in which the skewed studies were redacted, but the skewed idea of an alpha male prevailed thought society. “male alpha wolves don’t gain their status through aggression and the dominance of other males, but because the other wolves in the pack are his mate and kiddos. He’s the pack patriarch.” (Brett) He explains how being an alpha male does not always equate to being aggressive or taking whatever, it is one wants. Rather, being an alpha male is being the top dog

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