Social Ethics: Ethics And Ethics Present In Literature

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Abstract: If a person obeys all kinds of rules and regulations in the society and maintains pleasant relationships with other members of community then peace will automatically prevail in that society and society will get rid of all kinds of crimes and immoral activities which become disaster for the society.

Chapter 1

Introduction: Ethics are a set of beliefs about right and wrong. Social ethics are the traits which people follow according to their customs and traditions for a harmonious life. A man learns social ethics in every step of age like in our childhood we learn how to react with our fellows and teachers. In today era, societies contain many crimes but just imagine for a while that entire population has no sense of ethics then you can decide what will be the consequences. Social ethics help to run our society smoothly so to ignore its importance will not be justice to the people of the society.

Chapter 2

Literature Review: Two types of reviews of social ethics are present in literature;
Utilitarian Ethic Review: Greatest good of the greatest number. The worth of an action rests in its overall utility. Ends justify means. (John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham)
Kantian Ethic Review: Act in each case as you would in all. Do as you would be done by. (Immanuel Kantian)

Chapter 3
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