Socs Vs Greasers Lifestyle

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“It is harder for a poor man to be successful than it is for a rich man.” - Gregory Nunn. The issue is whether the Socs, who are rich compared to the Greasers, have it better than them who’s lifestyle is difficult to live through. There is more than enough evidence to prove that the Greasers have it worse because they have to sacrifice so much and they do not have enough opportunities compared to the Socs, which some of them deserve. One either believes that the poor kids make a great deal of sacrifices and endure a lot of pain which is why they struggle more, or, the Socs, (the rich kids) who have very little real friends and do not connect with their real personality which makes their lives more difficult. Due to the sacrifices and violence…show more content…
“I believe that some of this acting-out behavior is due to the pressure that is starting to be applied when the child starts in middle school and life-goals start to be identified.” (A Generation Struggling) In this example, this is not accurate because the rich kids actually can have standards to become successful, the Greasers do not set up expectations in education for themselves, they are rather expected to be drop out nobodies. This quote is reasonable because yes, Socs can be pressured ad not feel accepted or worth their parent’s expectations, which may be very difficult to deal with, but the Greasers don’t even possess standards of achievement in their lives. "Unfortunately, upon graduating from high school, a growing percentage of these affluent youth will discover the world is not circling around them. For those who enroll in college the message is “Work Hard and Party Hard” which may be their academic undoing as they fail to attend class or turn in assignments. Expectations for good grades may create stress on the student as they (or their parents) can no longer bully the professor into assigning a higher grade.” This opposing thesis is not valid because these kids which “struggle” with academic success, which is a struggle with some of heir lives, focus on the fact that they are so pressured to do well in school without their parents and have to be a exceeding well off person based off their success.. in which they should be grateful on of their greater problems. This opposing argument is flawed because it shows how rich kids (in The Outsiders, Socs) struggle with not being the best they can be academically, when Greasers do not even the the chance to stress over this topic but instead have to work to support themselves. Greasers struggle more than the Socs because they have to give up so many
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