Solar Parabolic Dish Generator Essay

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1. To design a solar parabolic dish concentrator for collecting solar radiation.

2. Here this project is to focus only on designing of the solar parabolic dish. Once the dish was developed than a stirling engine can be implemented for electrical generation.

3. To achieve a certain temperature so that it can run a stirling engine.

4. To measure the temperature of working fluids by that parabolic dish for different days and different times of the day.

2.1 Experimental setup: Solar parabolic dish consists of the following components 2.1.1. Parabolic dish: The concentrator focuses the direct normal irradiance (DNI) onto the receiver, where the heat is used in the energy conversion process. The key parameters in analyzing the operation of the concentrator are the dish aperture diameter d (m), mirror reflectivity , and irradiance I (W/m2). Parabolic dish is a point focus concentrator with shape of a circular parabolic (surface of revolution generated by a parabola around its axis). In the proposed design, parabolic dish with min 2.4m diameter. The concave face of the concentrator will be lined with a reflective material so that incoming solar radiations that are travelling along the axis can be collected and reflected to a point focus. It should be noted that the size of the receiver is quite smaller than the collector
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The parabolic dish can be made by cutting flate sheets and then bending it into the shape of parabola. Old satellite dish also can be used for this purpose. 2.1.2 Reflective surface: The reflective material is to be attached in the face of the parabola so that the direct sunlight coming from the sun can be reflected to the receiver. Material with high reflectivity have to be used for this purpose. Reflectivity of potential reflectivity is given below

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