Sonia Sotomayor Essay

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Sonia Sotomayor, was a daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants. She suffers from diabetes and was raised in a low income family with an alcoholic father in Bronx, New York. When Sotomayor was nine, her father passed away. Her Mother worked six days a week as a nurse. She attended a catholic school called Cardinal Spellman. Even though her mother was always working, she wanted her son and daughter to have a good education. Sonia Sotomayor developed a strength of character, knowledge and perseverance to be able to overcome discrimination based on her race, living situation, and the lack of education. Sotomayor developed strength of character to overcome discrimination due to her being a female Latina. According to “Obama Court choice stays true to his vision” Sotomayor was able to obtain a job at the Supreme Court. Many people questioned her ability due to her family background. Sotomayor is a strong women that did not let racism stop her from achieving her dream job, Sotomayor background is what motivated her to continue …show more content…

Being a judge you have to be able to prove your point and why you made the decision with statistics and proofs, Sotomayor became capable of disagreeing with other in a non-defensive way. Sotomayor pathway to the Supreme Court was complicated based on a controversial speech where she was taken as being racist towards white people. Sotomayor was able to win this case by analysis and record of her doing the same speech about “wise Latina woman” (Jeffery 2). Sotomayor was able to adapt to the world that she was facing. Sotomayor is an example of capitalization learning, she was able to build on the strengths that she was naturally given. Sotomayor questioned the Judges in the way she questioned many things while she was in Preston University. She felt that decisions were being made unfair so she decided to speak up and make a change for the people of

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