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Sophia Mendez is a 34 year old married female, born female. She was born in San Antonio, Chile and later migrated to the United States when she was a young girl about the age of 16 with members of her family in order to gain more educational and economic opportunity. Sophia does not currently work, but she is mainly a stay-at-home mom, caring for her and her husband’s three children. Sophia does attend classes at a near-by college. They live in a home that in which Sophia, her husband, and three children reside. Sophia referred her and her family to Child Development Resources (CDR) on a voluntary basis and is seeking support with the development of her children, but since she is a part of the Deaf and hard of hearing community, and has limited speech it may present some troubles in how she receives services in different agencies. She and her family has sought services from CDR willingly and willingly participates in services and events. …show more content…

When Sophia’s mother was giving birth, the doctor had made a medical mistake, resulting in Sophia becoming deaf for the rest of her life. It is unclear what the medical mistake entailed, but it greatly impacted the life of Sophia and how she developed as a young girl. Sophia and her husband have three children of their own, and none of them are hearing impaired. She is worried for her younger two sons because they are not exposed to language as other children may be. She is afraid that they will develop problems with communicating and learning, similar to their oldest daughter. She is seeking services from CDR in order to complete a developmental assessment in order to pinpoint areas in which the two year old child may not be developing

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