Spanish Culture In Spanish America

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Every saga has a beginning and on October 12, 1492, a handful of Europeans began their quest for the invasion, control and conquest of what came to be called Spanish America. When invasion ended conquest continued as assimilation saw a merging of cultures between Spaniards and many indigenous people over three centuries. The indigenous people of Latin America had a unique culture, one that suited their way of life. Once the Spanish infiltrated their homeland, it was to change forever. Spanish ideology was vastly different from that of the simple-minded ideology of the Indian. An aspect of conquest, assimilation would involve the gradual acceptance of culture. However, this gradual acceptance did come as easily as the Spaniards had hoped as conquest and settlement would also involve: resistance, accommodation, and negotiation in Spanish America. Aspects of acculturation (religion, economic values, labor, gender, sexuality, marriage involving Mestizaje (racial mixing), ethnicity and material culture) would play a significant role in the gradual acceptance of Spanish culture and shape the lives, customs and cultures of Spanish America. Despite the efforts of the Indian to avoid change, the Spanish were able to implement many of their customs and cultures upon the Indian. On the Yucatan peninsular and further south, the Mayan people created a distinctive civilization with elaborate religious rituals. At the core of these elaborate rituals were human

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