Speech On Concussions In Football

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Concussions in football have become one of the most popular stories in the sports world today. During a concussion, a person’s brain hits the back of their skull and stuns their head. The brain then proceeds to bruise. This is a very serious issue, and should be handled professionally. Concussions usually take place on helmet to helmet contact or when a players head hits the ground hard. It is hard to prevent concussions from happening in the game because the players are not trying to hurt each other usually. The majority of the concussions that take place in football are accidental, but there are a few cases where players are trying to hurt opposing players. The National Football League pays players based on games played in a season, and players also have chances to earn bonuses if they reach certain goals. Often times the players on these teams sacrifice their bodies just to make more money. Dr. Culverhouse has talked about how these players have concussions, yet still stay in the game to get twenty more yards rushing. The players are virtually breaking down their brains by all of the abuse they take after a ding. Culverhouse believes that concussions should require immediate testing from league hired assistants. More testing will lead to more diagnoses which is doing the players a favor, even though they might not believe so. The author demonstrates ethos by letting her audience know she is credible. There is a reason why Dr. Culverhouse is the one standing up for

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