Summary Of St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolf

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In the book “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” There is an Lycanthropic culture handbook carried by the nuns that have five stages contain what should happen to the girls. In the story the packs parents send the girls off to the human world in hope that they would have a better life. All of the girls are having to learn how to adapt to there new life. One of the girls which is Claudette developed by the nuns handbook thought the five stages it the book. Claudette seems to follow the Lycanthropic culture shock which is the handbook used by the nuns. In stage one the handbook it says that is will be a fun, new, and exicting. Also it states that it will be enjoyable to examine their new environment. This is true for Claudette she is having fun and exciting to explore her new environment. “ The dim bedroom was windowless and odorless. We remedied this by spraying exuberant yellow streams all over the bunks. We jumped from bunk to bunk, spraying.”(225) Claudette is excited about her new culture new environment. She is able to go examine and explore her new environment. Supplemented these holes by digging some of our own. [I] interred sticks, and [my] itchy new jumpers, and the bones of the friendly, unfortunate …show more content…

Claudette does not want to reject her new culture. We’d ride the bicycles uphill, a sanctioned pumping, a grim-faced nun pedaling behind each one of us. “Congratulations!”(238) Claudette is starting to enjoy her new culture and how there is more things to do. She is having fun learning a these new thing she could not do in the cave. The brother! I had almost forgotten about them.(238) After the nuns mentioned the Debutante Ball Claudette got excited because with ball she be able to finally see the brothers again. Claudette was excited about her new

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