Stan Apps And Kit Frick Analysis

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This art exhibition will be featuring the works of Stan Apps and Kit Frick. Both of the artworks are poetry. The common theme found in them is that each of the books are instructional and can be used as a kind of handbook. In Echo, Echo, Light by Kit Frick the author writes a simple poem with the title being a different phase of the moon. In each of these poems, the author writes in a way that is both instructional yet poetic. Echo, Echo, Light offers the reader instructions for how to grasp what is essential to living, how to remain solid against the passing darkness. Frick uses this collection of poems to help the reader “learn to wear the dark” or to “face the dark” (Frick 14). To elaborate, the poem titled Waxing Crescent Moon found on page 15 says that the one must learn how to wear the darkness, not as a cloak, but as a hat. One that makes your face the moon. By this, the author was providing the reader with some kind of guide to wearing the darkness. …show more content…

My understanding is that the darkness is a metaphor for a hardship or obstacle that is commonly faced throughout ones life, and that Echo, Echo, Light is the “light” at the end of the darkness, or a guide to discovering that light. Each of the poems acts as a single shimmer of light, while the whole novel represents the light as a whole. The last poem of the book, Sea Of Tranquility, says that “When you discover your own Greenland. It’s best to be alone.” This being another form of instruction, means that once you have passed the darkness, it is better to be alone, as you will be able to adapt with the “Greenland” more

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