Stanley Kowalski's Cruelty

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The Merciless Cruelty of Stanley and Blanche Everyone will hurt someone in their lifetime, it is inevitable. Cruelty can be showed in many different ways. Whether intentional or not, everyone causes pain to others. In A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, Williams shows the different types of cruelty. Stanley Kowalski is the most cruel character. Stanley is cruel by physically and verbally abusing others. Blanche Dubois is the second most cruel character in the story. Blanche hurts others by lying to them. Harold Mitchell is the most innocent character of the three. Mitch is cruel only by being unforgiving and not helping others in need. Stanley Kowalski is cruel to Blanche and Stella throughout the story. Stanley constantly abuses Stella, physically and verbally, throughout the story. Stanley is the most harsh towards Blanche. On top of constant verbal abuse, Stanley does the unthinkable. “She sinks to her knees. He picks up her inert figure and carries her to the bed.” (Williams 162) Stanley’s ruthless behavior and actions throughout the story prove to be the most detrimental because it is the main driving force behind the …show more content…

Blanche and Stan exploit Mitch’s biggest flaw of being a pushover. “[Mitch rises as Stanley returns to his seat] Sit down!” (Williams 56) Mitch naively opens up to Blanche which turns out to be a big mistake. She lies to Mitch about her past, and the truth is revealed to Mitch by Stanley. When Blanche needs somebody most, Mitch gives Blanche the cold shoulder. As Blanche is being taken away, (most likely to a crazy house) Mitch puts his head down and does nothing as she is leaving. This unforgivingness is the least harsh type of cruelty because he is acting this way because his reasoning is the most justified; his heart was broken by Blanche. Although Mitch hurt Blanche, he is definitely the most innocent character in the story behind

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