Stanley Milgram: Video Analysis

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e Stanley Milgram Experiment video shows how people will do what they are influenced to do. They take people and give them the power to electrocute people if they get the answer wrong. Over half of the people continue to go up on voltage all the way until it’s at 450 volts. At this point the people think that the other person is dead. The reaction for the other half is scared and they stopped after a little while because they realized they are hurting someone else. I found it shocking that one person wanted to go higher on the amperage than 450. It’s amazing what some people will do all because they are told to do so by a guy in a lab coat. My reaction to this video was shocked. I didn’t realize what people are capable of. It just goes to show …show more content…

78 Year Old Man Hit by Car In this video a man gets hit by a car and lays there begging for help. Bystanders just walk by and see what has happened and don’t even do anything about it. Cars just go around the man and don’t even stop until finally a person goes up to the man and then a lot of people come, then the police come as well. I was really shocked to see people just walk by and not call the police or an ambulance. How can you look at that and not do something about it? Obviously the man was in pain and needed medical attention. It just shows how cruel people can be. The Bystander Effect In this video it shows that people aren’t as willing to go up to a person who is drunk or looking homeless but when the man in the suit lays there they worry and a lot of people come. In the video of the women laying there people keep walking by until one person goes to check on her and then another person comes. It shows that if a person doesn’t make a move then other people just go with it too. As soon as one person decides to go check on the lady then another person comes. I wasn’t shocked by this effect because I would probably do the same thing. It’s hard to break away from what other people are doing and be

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