Stave Two Stave Analysis

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Stave 1- Greed Greed is the main theme of this stave. The main character of this story is Scrooge. He is very wealthy and very greedy. He is very rude to everyone, and pretty much his whole town is scared of him. He wants all of his money for himself which makes his very greedy. He cared more about his wealthiness and himself more than he did his own nephew and the other people in his town. Stave 2- The theme of this stave is regret. Scrooge has a lot of regret in his past and it is shown by the Ghost of Christmas Past. This ghost brings back memories of his terrible childhood and his ex-lover, Belle. In the beginning of the memories, it shows him in the past dancing and celebrating and he comes out of his shell for once. It also shows him falling in love with Belle and she released him because of his greediness and the love for his business. He feels a lot of regret and the decisions that he made…show more content…
In this stave, the ghost of Christmas Present visits him and shows him the wealthy and the poor on Christmas Day. The first place that he takes him to is Bob Cratchit 's house. It shows Bob and his family having Christmas dinner. He is confused because he doesn’t understand how people can be poor but happy even though they have nothing. Next, he goes to his nephew’s house and it shows them playing a game and having fun. After, he takes him to a homeless shelter that shows a homeless family sitting by the fire. Even though they didn’t have a lot, they stuck together and Scrooge was confused by that. Stave 4- Denial Stave 4 is about Scrooge’s death. The ghost of Christmas Yet to Come comes to him and shows him his death. The ghost took him to a poor man 's house that showed them admiring his treasures that they stole when he died. He is in denial because he doesn’t want to accept the fact that they were stealing his own items. Next he takes him to Bob Cratchit’s house. It shows Bob mourning over Tiny Tim’s death. Stave 5 -
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