Stereotypes In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby takes place in a predominantly white and wealthy region. Although it is not very explicitly stated, characters in the novel do possess opinions on certain ethnicities and what they think about them.
Gatsby is believed to have had an impact on the ideas presented by some of the characters in the book, primarily Nick.
Gatsby’s possesses racist opinions that are picked up on by Nick where he heavily emphasizes the idea of the people living in the Eggs, or certain races, as being superior during his narration.
In F Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby, characters portray themselves and their friends as superior in the luxurious world they live in. The narrator of the story, Nick, often describes characters with a different …show more content…

Throughout the novel Nick’s narration centers itself around Gatsby actions and thoughts. Nick acts like a right hand man for Gatsby and is one of his only true friends during the plot. Nick always showed up at Gatsby’s parties and often times acted in a very similar fashion to him. It is mentioned that Gatsby had an attitude similar to a southerner at this time. During the 1920s southerners had a very toxic opinion on minority groups in the US. Nick did have a distorted view of Meyer Wolfsheim which is a result of his southerner and racist thinking. Due to Gatsby and Nick being around each other so much, and Nick’s admiration for Gatsby, Nick inherited some of Gatsby’s opinions and …show more content…

What is known, however, is that this novel is set in the 1920s, a time that is still pretty recent to slavery and harnesses a society that is rude to minorities. Since the characters in this book are by no reasons children, they should all have a solid understanding and potentially grave opinion on racism. Jay Gatsby presents himself as a mysterious character that really only cares about one thing, his jewel, Daisy. Gatsby and the others also live in a predominantly european area so it is not easy to see blatant ethnic battles during the novel; however, Meyer Wolfsheim is distorted as a character by Nick. This is believed to be a byproduct of being friends with Gatsby and adopting some of his

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