Steven Truscott: The Murder Of Lynne

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On June 9, 1959, Steven Truscott was seen, by several witnesses, giving Lynne Harper a ride on his bicycle, she was sitting on the handlebars well Steven cycled. Eventually, they stopped at the highway 8 intersection, which was approximately a kilometer west of Clinton, where they proceeded to parted ways. Later that evening Lynne’s father reported her missing after she failed to turn up. Two days later the deceased body of Lynne Harper was discovered just off a nearby tractor trail, known as Lawson’s Bush, which was a lightly wooded area. It was evident that Lynne had been sexually assaulted and strangled prior to her death. Due to Steven’s appearance with Lynne, two days earlier, Steven became the immediate suspect and was taken into …show more content…

He later testifies that he stopped on a bridge and glanced back to see Lynne getting into a grey 1959 Chevrolet truck that had a yellow out-of-province license plate. He believed that she was hitching a ride to her grandmother's house in a nearby community. Steven Truscott’s jury trial lasted a total of fifteen days, and he was tried as an adult, he was only fourteen at the time. The Crown presented a theory that Steven did not drop Lynne off, as he claimed to, but instead, at some point between 7:00 pm and 7:45 pm, they turned off into the woods where Steven then proceeded to kill Lynne. The Crown’s theory was backed by supporting testimonies given by several witnesses. A testimony was given by Dr. John Penistan, who was the autopsy doctor for the case, suggested that Lynne had indeed died within the given timeframe, given by witness testimonies. Dr. Penistan also commented on lesions that had been found of Steven’s penis, stating that it could have been sustained by sexually assaulting the victim. During the whole trial, Steven maintained that he was innocent and that when he dropped Lynne off at the intersection she was fine and unharmed. Steven had witnesses that supported his claim that he did indeed stop on a bridge and looked back in

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