Stormbreaker Analysis

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Stormbreaker transforms Alex Rider into a topnotch, teenage, spy. He 's sent to finish the mission his uncle started but never completed. Alex has no other option than to take his life into his own hands because on this mission he is on his own. Stormbreaker is about a teenage spy. In the beginning, Alex 's uncle dies and he is left alone. At the funeral, he meets somebody who says that they will talk again very shortly. Alex finds that suspicious so later he tries to find the place that the van said that they were from. He finds out that it is a junkyard. He also finds his uncle 's car. He also finds out that his uncle died from being shot at not, and he was not in a car wreck like the police had said. As he is going through the car, a …show more content…

MI6 spy group that Alex is in, believes that Sayle Enterprises is doing something suspicious, and Alex needs to find that out. This guy is filthy rich, but he 's giving away computers for free which doesn 't make sense because the last computers he made were sold for a fortune. But he 's giving them away for free, and all he 's getting is a …show more content…

Characters: Herod Sayle: he is an evil man with his own army and evil workers with a plan to make the prime minister guilty for killing all the young school children of England. The Antagonist in this, he is developing a revolutionary new computer that he will give to every school in England, MI6 thinks that 's a little too good to be true. Alex Rider- The Protagonist in this story who is recruited by MI6 to investigate a man named Herod Sayle. Ian Rider- Alex 's uncle who died in the beginning of the story as result to a suspicious car accident. Mrs Jones- A director of the operation Alex is undercover in, she feels sorry for him that he must go through all of this. Mrs. Blunt- A leader of MI6 and the one who practically forced alex into this mission with bait that it would help them catch the killer of Alex 's uncle. Your feelings about the book and why After the first chapter of the book I knew I was hooked, even the first sentence got me wondering and wanting

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