Strategies Illustrated In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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While reading Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game”, readers find that the determining fact that makes it so gripping is the intense style in which he develops tension and foreshadowing to create suspense and a sense of uneasiness. Especially when Rainsford tumbles off his yacht in the Caribbean into the “blood warm waters” (15). “His pipe, striking the rope, was knocked from his mouth. He lunged for it; a short, hoarse cry came from his mouth”. Readers are afraid for Rainsford, that maybe he won’t survive the harsh environment of the fierce jungle. However, because he is a hunter, they have hope in him. When he arrives at the mysterious house on the island, readers again fear for his safety. “He lifted the heavy …show more content…

Probably because he is dazed and confused, Rainsford doesn’t pick up on this. Connell utilizes two strategies here: steady breakdown, and anxiety for the main character. On page seventeen of the story, it is discovered that “The Most Dangerous Game”, is really mankind. Readers are terrified. While Rainsford and the General are chatting over a grand dinner, Rainsford begins to highly respect the General, and his bravery. “You are wrong, sir. It is not the most dangerous game. I hunt more dangerous game” ( 17). Although Rainsford is impressed by the Genral, it is all a lie. When Zarroff hints that the “new” animal is human, there are many inward scream. Shocked, everyone reading immediately understands, but Rainsford doesn’t pick up on the hint. Because the readers know that Rainsford is a courageous hunter, the imagine he will devise some elaborate plan of escape. “… must have courage, cunning, and above all, it must be able to reason” (19). Emotions run high here, and some might even be screaming, “Run! Hide! Attack him!”. Either way, it is clear that Rainsford’s safety is greatly worried about. Richard Connell uses build up of emotions here, and forces Zarroff to treat Rainsford like he would an

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