Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Aztecs

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1. The strength and weakness of the Aztecs played a role in why their empire was on top during their time before the Spaniards to over. The Aztecs were centralized in military and were stronger than the other neighbors around them. That’s why they had their empire on top because they were better fighters than their enemies. They required tribute payments, forced labor, and large scale of human sacrifices towards the enemies around them. The weakness they had was for having sacrifices of the neighbors around them when the Spaniards came they became allies with them because they wanted the Aztecs to fall they didn’t like the things the Aztecs were doing to them. The Spaniards had piece of armor covering the body from neck to waist, Horsemen, …show more content…

The Aztecs were having a festival to celebrate Huitzilopochtli their god and that’s where they usually do sacrifices. The Aztecs were strong and the youthful warriors and the festival was shown to the Spaniards. The Spaniards started the killing of the people dancing closing the exits away nowhere to run. A call of screaming happen to get the Aztecs ready for battle. The fighting broke out and they were able to push the Spaniards out and back to their place enclave. Aztecs should strength by pushing them out the Spaniards didn’t have a reliable supply of food and water. The Spaniards tried escaping through the city but were caught and they killed a lot of Spaniards to the point that the Aztecs believed the Spanish were gone for good. The Aztec warriors had a weakness of the disease of small pox forming this caused a lot of deaths towards them. Even though the Aztecs were having victories over the Spaniards and putting their heads on polls as well doing the same to their horses they were starting to have a problem of shortages of food and water, and having less …show more content…

The Aztec religion and culture affected the struggle against the Spaniards by the way they treated the people around them. They had control of the area and their neighbors weren’t as strong as them, and didn’t have a centralized military like the Aztecs. They had to their bidding like required tribute payments. They also forced them to do labor work for them. They also used people of the neighboring areas and used them as human sacrifices towards their religion and God Huitzilopochtli. So you could tell that the people who weren’t part of the Aztec empire didn’t like what they were doing to them, but didn’t have any power to fight back until the Spaniards and Cortez wanted to take them over. So all the neighboring areas were siding with the Spaniards over the Aztecs they wanted the empire to fall. Even the enemies of the Aztecs were joining forces with the Spaniards to fight against the Aztecs because they wanted the empire to fall. The Tlaxcalans hated the Aztecs and were the ones that joined forces with the Spaniards. It played a negative role in their struggle because the way that they mistreated other people not in their empire made them to be hated. It got to the point that no one liked them, and a big cause was their religion which had human sacrifices. It would be understandable if they scarified anyone, but they killed people that weren’t part of them. It became a war between the Aztecs and everyone else, and with the causes of diseases and outnumbering of

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