Structural Racial Inequity Essay

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Describe structural racial inequity. Why is it important to consider a structural perspective? How does this relate to the sociological imagination?
Structural racial inequity is the concept that people of color have lived and continue to live in the most under-resourced communities as a result of the intersection between numerous policies and institutions. However, these discriminations are often not intentional. It is important to view racial inequity from a structural perspective in order to not only determine the primary causes, but to also create solutions that would apply for everyone. This connects back to the idea of sociological imagination that states that our personal problems are instead social issues that are shared by others who live in the same area and during a similar time period as us.

Explain two ways that suburbanization has impacted inequities in the food system.
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Schools located in low-income communities do not have access to resources to install proper kitchens facilities, as most do not have the necessary personnel or training to even prepare healthy foods. This occurred in part due to the law passed by Congress in 1947 to eliminate the funding towards cafeteria equipment; school districts could no longer utilize federal money towards improving their facilities. As a result, children that attend such schools are given frozen, processed foods for their lunches.
2. For many years in the United States, agricultural policies subsidize farmers who grow commodity crops such as corn, wheat, soy, sugar, cotton, and tobacco, the three biggest being corn, sugar, and soy. Those crops are typically the main ingredients in cheap, processed foods. However, for farmers who choose not to contract with large corporations or decide to grow healthy foods instead, which are usually ineligible for government policies, are one disaster away from poverty. These farmers are also more likely to be farmers of color as

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