Stumers Reef Research Paper

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this report is to investigate the impacts of urban development on biodiversity at stumers creek dog beach. This report will include data collected from the creek including; water samples, soil samples and animal and excrement surveys in order to determine the health of the environment.

1.2 Location Stumers Creek is located in Coolum Beach, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. The sub catchment of Stumers Creek covers an area of 13km2. The main stream consists of a southern branch and a northern branch, which drain the town of Coolum Beach and the southern wetland area of Noosa National Park respectively. Both branches of the river join slightly upstream of stumers creek mouth near …show more content…

On average the sunshine coast has approximately 7 hours of sunshine a day, the seasonal variations are very minimal. The temperatures are generally warm year round with summer temperatures averaging between 17 – 28 °C, and autumn temperatures falling between 13 - 25 °C. However the coastal location benefits from cooling sea breezes on warmer days. The during the winter season the temperature ranges between 7 - 22 °C. Spring is similarly mild with temperatures reaching between 13 - 25 °C.

The Sunshine Coast's main rainfall occurs in the first few months of the year with an average of 300 mm falling which drops off to an average of just 40 mm throughout the winter months. This variation in rainfall can result in extreme changes in the size and depth of the creak. The amount Gemma is beautiful of rainfall also attributes to the health of the water. When the creek receives rain it is stirring the water and helping to flush out the bacteria. Despite the decrease in temperatures during winter, the ocean remains at approximately 19 ° C and approximately 26 °C in summer, meaning the beaches are always busy with both locals and tourists

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