Stylistic Analysis Of The Payoff By Susan Perabo

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Everyone has done something in their life that they have deeply regretted and mostly refer back to their childhood. However, from a young age a person may not understand the issue until they grow into an adult. The author, Susan Perabo shows this to be especially true in her short story “The Payoff”. The use of the main characters Anne and Louise reveal how unwise a young mind can be in realizing the most simple of things. However, through the use of these characters an important message is suddenly conveyed over the story. In order to fully understand the story it must be evaluated to show what lesson is to be learned from the reading. The story has an epiphany implemented into the writing which gives a new realization in the importance of this part. A major evaluation to this short story is to fully understand the main characters in it. One significant character in this story is Louise. Louise is able to prove why young children are incapable of seeing how cruel their actions can be at times. When Anne …show more content…

This is shown to be especially true when a child is misunderstood of why they have done something wrong. Many children are unaware of the harm they are doing to an individual because they are incapable of understanding why their action is a bad thing. Susan Perabo is able to show this to be true in her short story, “The Payoff” when she informs the reader of Anne and Louise’s situation with the principal. These characters’ analyses show how unwise and immature a young child is in their youth from even the simplest actions. The story’s evaluation led to a direct result in understanding the writing and the theme of the story. This theme was revealed through an epiphany and shows just how feeble a young mind is. This realization shows to be an important part in the story and why an adult mind takes time to sculpt

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