St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves By Karen Russell

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In the story “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell, the character Jeanette makes emotional decisions that led to different outcomes. Her decisions are impacted by many emotions, such as when she is prideful, Cautious, Lonely, Angry, Uncertain, Panicked, and revengeful, as she is led into terrible situations. In the story one can see many terrible instances that were caused by such emotions. For example, Claudette says, “The pack hated Jeanette/ She was the most successful of us, the one furthest removed from her origins” (page 232). This is a bad decision from Jeanette because the pack hates her now. If Jeanette ever needed someone to talk to they were shy her away, because she was hated. The pack hates her because
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