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he AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety did some research into the problem and documents the most tragic statistics about teenage driving accidents. In 2016, crashes spiked heavily after most people though it was getting better. Fifteen percent of crashes happened because of the driver interacting with another passenger. Figure 2 shows interaction with another passenger which was the number one reason for teenage wrecks in 2016. cell phone usage only made up twelve percent of teenage accidents (Johnson, 2016). Most people are led to believe that this is the biggest problem teens face today. Just being distracted by something else in the vehicle was responsible for ten percent of teenage crashes. Looking at something outside of the vehicle took responsibility for nine percent …show more content…

These three components can really convince the consume to use and buy your product. The commercial uses ethos by establishing their credibility. As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, Subaru achieved the highest possible safety ratings in 2016. Subaru establishes their credibility by telling scared parents that their car is superior and will keep their child safe. Subaru tells the consumer that you can trust their product because it is proven to be as safe as possible. This advertisement uses logos by establishing the logic to using their vehicles. Subaru tells you that there is no reason not to buy their vehicle because it is safe. What else could you want? Lastly, the most important and most used is pathos. This uses pathos by getting to the emotions of family members of new teen drivers. Calling your parents after getting in an accident can be really scary to parents and family. This advertisement appeals to the parents of teens who are frightened of their new teen drivers. The most used of the three was pathos because the true intent of this advertisement was to reach out to parents who have teens learning to

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